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70-410 : Installing and Configuring Server 2012R2 Exam Overview

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Install and Configure Servers [15 – 20%]

Install Servers

Configure Servers

  • Configure Server Core
  • Delegate Local Administration
  • Add and Remove Features from Offline Images
  • Deploy Roles on Remote Servers
  • Convert Server Core to and from a Graphics Interface
  • Configure Services
  • Configure Network Teaming
  • Install and Configure PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC)

Configure Local Storage

  • Design StorageSpaces, Local Basic and Dynamic Disks
  • Configure MBR and GPT Disks
  • Manage Volumes
  • Create and Mount Virtual Disks
  • Configure Storage Pools and Disk Pools
  • Create StoragePools using disk enclosures

Configure Server Roles and Featues [15 – 20%]

Configure Files and Share Access

  • Create and Configure Shares
  • Configure Share Permissions
  • Configure Offline Files
  • Configure NTFS Permissions
  • Configure Access-Based-Enumeration (ABE)
  • Configure Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS)
  • Configure NTFS Quotas
  • Create and Configure Work Folders

Configure Print and Document Services

  • Configure Easy Print Drivers
  • Configure Enterprise Print Management
  • Configure Print Drivers and Printer Pooling
  • Configure Printer Priorities and Printer Permissions

Configure Servers for Remote Management

  • Configure WinRM
  • Configue Delegated Server Access and Management
  • Configure Multi Server Management
  • Configure Server Core
  • Configure Windows Firewall
  • Configure None-Domain joined servers

Configure Hyper-V [15 – 20%]

Create and Configure Virtual Machine Settings

  • Create Generation One and Two Templates
  • Configure Dynamic memory
  • Configure Smart Paging
  • Configure Resouce Metering
  • Configure Guest Intergration Services
  • Configure Enhanced Session Mode
  • Configure RemoteFx

Create and Configure Virtual Machine Storage

  • Create and Configure Virtual Disks
  • Configure Differnecing Disk
  • Modify VHD Files and Pass-Through Disks
  • Manage Check Points
  • Impliemtn Virtual Fibre Channel
  • Configure Storage QoS

Create and Configure Virtual Machine Networking

  • Create Hyper-V Virtual Switches
  • Configure Network Permance
  • Configure MAC Addresses
  • Configure Network Isolation
  • Configure Legacy and Syntectic Network Adapters
  • Configure Network Teaming in Virtual Machines

Deploy and Configure Core Network Services [15 – 20%]

Configure IPv4 and IPv6 Networking

  • Create and Configure IP Address Options
  • Create and Configure IPv4 Subnettings
  • Create and Confiture IPv6 Subnettings
  • Configure Super-Netting Scopes
  • Configure ISATAP
  • Confiure Terdo

Deploy and Configure Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP)

  • Create and Configure Network Scopes
  • Configure DHCP Reservations
  • Configure DHCP Options
  • Configure Client and Server PXE Boot Options
  • Configure DHCP Relay

Deploy and Configure Domain Name System (DNS)

  • Install and Configure DNS within Active Directory
  • Install and Configure DNS within WORKGROUP
  • Configure DNS Forwarders
  • Configure DNS Root Hints
  • Create and Configure A and PTR Records

Install and Administrate Active Directory [15 – 20%]

Install Domain Controllers

  • Deploy Active Directory on Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Deploy Active Directory on Server Core
  • Deploy Active Directory using Install From Media
  • Deploy Read Only Domain Controller
  • Complete an Inplace Upgrade of Active Directory
  • Configure AD Sites and Services
  • Configure AD Trusts

Create and Manage Active Directory Users and Computers

  • Automate AD User Creation
  • Create, Copy and Modfy AD Users
  • Configure AD User Templates
  • Complete Mass AD Account Management

Create and Configure Organisational Units and Security Groups

  • Create Organisational Units
  • Modify and Manage Organisational Units
  • Create Security Groups
  • Modify and Manage Security Groups

Create and Manage Group Policy Objects [15 – 20%]

Create Group Policy Objects

  • Create Group Policy Objects
  • Create and Manage Starter GPO Objects
  • Configure Multiple Local Group Policies
  • Configure Group Policy Central Store

Create Security Policies

  • Configure User Rights Assignment
  • Configure Security Optinos
  • Configure Security Templates
  • Configure Audit Policy
  • Configure Local User and Groups
  • Configure UAC Acess Control

Configure Application Restriction Policies

  • Configure Rule Enforcement
  • Configure AppLocker Rules
  • Configure Solftware Restirction Policies

Configure Windows Firewall

  • Configure Windows Firewall for None-Domained Servers
  • Configure Group Policy Firewall Rules
  • Configure Security Rules
  • Import, Export and Modify Windows Firewall Rules


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