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HypervLAB Blog Update

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Sooooo here we are in November, and yes the blog has been rather quiet for the last two and a bit months, however, I can explain. Over the last two months relocated from Birmingham back to Bradford/Leeds Area and taken on a new role at a Managed Service Provided which looks after mainly None Commercial Organisations and some Commerical.

During this time, I’ve been learning the ConnectWise CRM system and getting more in-depth with AzureAD, M365, O365 and Microsoft Intune. Along with helping with auditing for Windows 7 EOL Upgrade programs.

That all said, I’ve been wanting to find a new focus to dedicate some time to, As working for an MSP, Operating System Deployments, with WDS or MDT Technologies are top of the list. So I’ve had to park my MDT Knowledge for now and found a new calling for SharePoint Online and with some Microsoft Teams and Intune Configuration.

This I guess sort of can tie into a New year (little early I know) new Blog Aim/Focus moving away from Hyper-V/Virtuation to Online Services and Solutions such as Azure, Microsoft 365 and Office365. So let’s watch this space and see what happens. I’ve been tasked at the moment with learning the In’s and Outs of SharePoint Online and thought it would be a good idea to blog what I find, As I havent really touched it since 2013.


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