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Setup and Deploy Microsoft Store from Intune

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Out of the box, Endpoint Manager is not configured to talk to The Store for Business Portal, Below we shall cover the initial steps of settings up the sync between the two platforms. For the official docs.microsoft [Check Here]

Configuring Store for Business and Endpoint Manager

From Endpoint Manager we can see at there is currently no link between Intune and Store for Business.

From the Store for Business Page, under Manage > Settings > Distribute, We will need to enable Microsoft Intune Enrollment and Microsoft Intune

Going back to the Connectors and Tokens Page – Tenant Administration > Connectors and Tokens > Microsoft Store for Business, We can now enable the Sync and force replication from the Store into Intune.

Depending on the number of Applications you have in the Store for Business portal this could take some time, Once the Sync is completed it should look like the below screenshot.

Purchasing Application from the Microsoft Store for Business

From the Microsoft Store for Business Portal [Link], Navigate to “Shop for my group”.

From the Shop for my group page, Select the “Business” Category.

From the Most popular apps, Select the Company Portal.

From the application window, Select “Get the app”.

Accept the EULA.

Application purchase completed, Lets return to the portal.

Deploying Store for Business Application from Intune

From the Apps Portal under Endpoint Manager, any applications purchased from the Store for Business Portal will show up as “Microsoft Store for Business App” and the default state will be not assigned.

Select the Company Portal (Online) and from the Properties page, Scroll down to Assignments select “Edit”.
NOTE: As this application is going to be used by all Employees of HypervLAB we can deploy to All Devices.

Once completed, The Company portal will automatically deploy onto your Intune enrolled devices.


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