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MD101 – The Review Study Guide

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So here we are, 4 Months later having sat MD-100 : Windows 10, I can successfully say I am now a Microsoft 365 : Modern Desktop Administrator. This post shall cover some of the tools and services I’ve used over the 4 months of revision, mocks and labs. So firstly what does MD-101 : Managing Modern Desktops cover?

The Skills Matrix covers the following: – You can download the Official PDF from [Here]

Deploy and upgrade operating systems (25-30%)
Manage policies and profiles (20-25%)
Manage and protect devices (30-35%)
Manage apps and data (10-15%)

The Materials used for this exam were pretty much the same as the MD 100 Exam.

Pluralsight – Microsoft Modern Desktop Administrator: Window 10 (MD-101)
Udemy – MD 101 – Managing Modern Desktop Practise Exam Questions 2021
Microsoft Learn – Modernize your enterprise deployment with Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 Apps
Microsoft Learn – M365 -Modernize your enterprise deployment with Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 Apps
Microsoft Learn – Manage your enterprise deployment with Microsoft 365
Windows 10 Pro – with Hyper-V – Various Windows 10 Virtual Machines for RND and Intune Testing.
MCT – Media Creation Toolkit (21H2 – at time of release)

Pre Exam Notes

Having spent 4 months on and off revising and completing mock and mock after mock, Today (Saturday 5th June) – ** I Advise not everyone do this** I have spent since 10am sat at my desk with a lot of coffee!! reviewing all the mock exams I’ve completed from last month, re-watching various Pluralsight modules on parts I wasn’t 100% sure on and re-labbing some parts I wanted to confirm I understood from end to end process. – This isn’t very healthy however for this I think it helped me pass, As I haven’t always stated, I suffering from dyslexia and thus have a horrific short term memory, which doesn’t help me at the best of times, so I know I have to learn and attempt to turn the information into long term memory to then try and draw back on for the exam/project or life. – But as people say persistence definitely pays of! 🥳

Exam Notes

The Exam was 57 Questions, Which had two Scenarios, One a Single question about Intune/AutoPilot initial setup and what would need to be configured, the Second was a standard Scenario question setup with 5 questions in.

Some of the area’s i have added some extra focus too was anything around MAM and Mobile Devices, As I’ve covered most of the Windows 10 AutoPilot configuration during MD100, I found that MD101 had some questions more around Mobile Profiles and what you can cant do with Android and iOS Devices.

The Exam also thought me a couple of questions around MDT, How Application Deployment, a Simple drag and drop setup, and the use of scan state and load state. – nothing too crazy just put the steps into the right order for the process of a wipe and load scenario.

There was also a couple of questions conditional access polices and dynamic azure ad groups and finally active hours.

Community Shout Out

I would like to give a special thanks to @ShabazDarr and @Karl_ITNerd who have kept pestering me in the most positive way and checking in to make sure I was doing ok while revising for this exam! They’ve got some awesome content you should go check out at: https://iamitgeek.com/ and https://irishtechie.com/


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