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Deploying ReferenceShare in Microsoft Deployment Toolkit

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In this Mini-Series, I will cover the principles of Installing the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, Configuring the Windows Deployment Service and then creating and managing Windows 10 Reference Media and finally creating the deployment share for day to day deployments.

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit Mini Series

> Creating Reference Share for Standalone Server
> Creating Reference Share for AD Server
> Importing Operating System Images
> Creating Reference Task Sequence
> Customising Reference Task Sequence

In the Previous blog post we covered downloading and installing the software packages and roles for Microsoft Deployment Toolkit. In this post we will cover Reference Images and creating a ReferenceShare in MDT

Why use a Reference Image?

Building a Reference Image can save time with patches and OS Customisation. It is the a fundamental core of your IT Organisation Network, for end users – Get it wrong as this stage and it will impact users! However get it right and you can save time and resource from manually patching OS Images.

Licensing? Which, What, and Who?



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