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Top 20 Microsoft Technical Blogs

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So this blog post is a little later than I had planned, However as the adage goes ‘Better Late than Never!’ So a couple of weeks ago to try and help promote the HypervLAB blog I registered it on feedspot.com. Which is an online platform which recommends the Top 20 Blogs on various topics. Most notably and usefully in my case are the Top 20 Microsoft Azure Blogs, Top 20 Micorosft Windows Blogs, and Top 20 Microsoft Blogs.

Then this past weekend I received an email from Anuj the owner of the website with the following:

Which was an amazing email to receive, taking into account that I’ve only been properly blogging since February this year, and I have to give credit to Richard Hooper of Pixel Robots, for giving loads of advice and support to get started!

Now I must admit that I do feel ever so slightly cheated at this stage only because when you actually go to the feedspot listing for the Top 20 Microsoft Blogs, Look where the HypervLAB… However, this actually gives me more driver and passion to blog more to boost the ranking and help the IT Professional Community!!


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