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WDS – Unattend XML Files

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This is less of a blog post more of a useful placeholder. many years when I was first starting out in my foray with OS Deployment, I created some universal Unattend Files which worked really well and tweaked them over time to support UEFI and BIOS and both 32Bit and 64bit.

Even now I find myself at times trying to find where I have stored them. so I thought let’s create a repository on GitHub where I store files for global access and then link them to a sensible website.

unattend_xml_64bit_uefi.xml – Link to Github Repostiory 

unattend_xml_32bit_uefi.xml – Link to Github Repostiory 

unattend_xml_64bit_bios.xml – Link to Github Repostiory 

unattend_xml_32bit_bios.xml – Link to Github Repostiory 


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